Types of Car Transport You Should Know

Before booking a car transport service, you should know about the different types offered by the freight companies. The type of transport has an impact on the price of this service. If you’ve just imported a car, different modes of transport are available to you.

Individual Car Transport

As partgroup car transport of this type of car transport, the freight company allocates you a truck that contains only your merchandise. As this formula does not present any financial advantage for you, the transport is dedicated to your car only. Despite the freedom given to organize this service, it will be difficult for you to change the dates later. Logistics brands rarely favor this solution, which is by far the most expensive, unless you request it.

In most cases, this type of transport can be carried out with a car transporter designed for a single vehicle.

Groupage Car Transport

The term groupage transport is used in logistics when the goods of a shipper are grouped with other goods. Here, in the case of car transport, your car will be loaded onto an industrial flatbed truck (8 to 9 seats) with other vehicles.

group car transportThe transporter brings together the vehicles of several customers, including yours, on the same or a similar journey. Your car only occupies part of the loading space, which is distributed among the various shippers. The tour is optimized because the truck is fully loaded on the outward and return trips. It is an ideal solution, offering value for money.

Options Available to You

These special requests must be anticipated with the routing sign.

Open or Closed Truck

You should decide whether you want your vehicle to be transported in an open or closed truck. The open truck meant for a regular car is the easiest and affordable solution. If you are planning to transport a luxury or high-value vehicle, you should opt for confidential transport. The vehicle will be moved with the discretion you need without exposing it to various elements by choosing this option. This type of transport offers the best level of protection.

Door-to-Door Service

Most autocar transport transport companies offer this service. You must first contact the chosen company if your vehicle must be loaded and unloaded on a so-called industrial transporter (8 to 11 seats). This is because the big truck cannot maneuver in narrow streets. So, a meeting point closest to you and where this is not a problem must be arranged. Choose the right option to have your vehicle delivered safely.


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