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How to make your car more efficient and powerful

Many own a vehicle these days, and for those of us who are lucky enough, we may have the car of our dreams. However, some car enthusiasts are just not content with the standard settings and performance a car gives when it comes off the assembly line. Many car owners like to tinker with their vehicle engine to make it more powerful and perform better.

How do engines work?black car

A typical engine operates on the combustion of fuel mixed with air which burns by the help of a spark plug. The combustion moves a piston up and down which converts to kinetic energy which we all know as horsepower. There are then a set of gears which convert this energy into the movement which will then turn the wheels.

How to improve the performance of your car

The best way is to increase the amount of oxygen intake into the combustion chamber. This is why a ported throttle body may be a good idea. While most car engines control the air intake, increasing the area of the throttle that controls the air intake will help enhance the horsepower of the engine.

Remember more fuel alone does not really increase the performance as you must give the combustion adequate oxygen to burn efficiently and create the right pressure.

Other options

There are alternative options that you can use to increase the horsepower of your car’s engine too which will include the following.

A supercharger

This is a device that forces air at high pressure into the combustion chamber thus creating more power. You could purchase one yourself and fit it to your engine, but make sure you have the required knowledge to do so.

Air filters

Most vehicles that come from the factory contain paper air filters. These may not allow much air to enter the engine. You can get high-quality aftermarket air intake which will allow more air to pass while at the same time blocking any impurities from entering the engine.

Cold air intakes

Some aftermarket air intakes deliver cold air to the engine. Since cool car engineair is denser and contains more oxygen, it will help with better combustion and improve performance. Make sure you do not use them in extremely cold weather because this may affect the car from performing correctly.

Weight reduction

You can consider making your car lighter by removing unnecessary accessories. The weight of a car directly affects the performance and speed, and if you get rid of heavy attachments and replace them with lighter ones, you will soon see your car performing better.