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Thread: scorpio 2.9

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    scorpio 2.9

    Does anyone have the torque/ HP ratings of this engine? Im not talking about the cosworth 2.9 just the 12v 2.9 out of the merkur scorpio.

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    around 150HP, & 160 torque.

    Best bet w/ one of these is to get the intake & ECU off one ... intake is different & flows more, & ECU has more aggressive fuel & ignition curve. Just a thought.

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    thats what i was thinking of doing but the enitre engine that i found looks extremely clean. The entire car looks too clean to be in a junk yard. Well ill call and see how much they want for it.

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    How easy of a swap is that. Intake/ecu...
    also, how easy is the engine swap with that scorpio engine? I heard that the scorpio engines were bored out more than the normal 2.9, is that true?

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